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Picket Fence Studios Slim Line Die Cutting System - Nested Rectangles - matrices - Rectangles

17 pieces – L’outil parfait pour personnaliser vos projets! La façon ideale et facile de decouper vos images estampees avec precision. Ces matrices fonctionnent avec la plupart des machines (vendues separement.) L’ensemble comprend 4 grands rectangles measurant: 8.5x3.5 po, 8.25x3.25 ipo, 8x3 po et 7.75x2.75 po et 4 petits rectangles 3.5x0.25 po, 3.5x0.50 po, 3.5x0.75 po et 3.5x1 po. Inclus egalement les mots : day, get well, happy, lovely.
Just the thing for customizing your paper crafting project! The ideal way to cut out a stamped image with ease and accuracy. These dies work with most die-cutting machines (sold separately). This package contains Slim Line Die System: 17 dies. 4 Large rectangles measuring : 8.5x3.5 inch, 8.25x3.25 inch, 8x3 inch and 7.75x2.75 inch and 4 smaller rectangles 3.5x0.25 inch, 3.5x0.50 inch, 3.5x0.75 inch and 3.5x1 inch. Also includes bonus words : day, get well, happy, lovely.